Main Features Real-time information. The smart Cytomate unit not only captures every moment of your cell culture, it also instantly analyses the live recording to give you... More Easy setup. Once the culture has been placed on top of CytoMate inside the incubator, the tablet is used to focus the live recording, labeled the... More No disturbance. Cell cultures are subjected to various disturbances that influence their growth pattern and chances of a successful reproduction of your... More Data Report. Cytomate® gives you full reports at the click of a button. Current and historic cell culture data is available online giving you... More Anytime. With Cytomate® you can inspect your cell culture from your pc, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. This smart assistant unit... More See you. Cell culture incubators should ideally stay closed as opening the door causes the temperature to drop from 37 °C to room temperature... More CytoMate Gallery
How to use the CytoMate Lab Assistant Demonstration of setup and use